Meet Our Team



Hello there, water enthusiasts and future swimmers! I’m Ms. Amy, the proud owner and lead swim teacher at Aqua Smiles. With an insatiable passion for teaching and an unwavering dedication to the science and psychology behind learning to swim, I’ve crafted an environment where aquatic education transforms into an enriching journey of growth and self-discovery. 

My connection with the water started early in life, and my journey has been one of continuous learning and exploration. Through years of experience, training, and an unquenchable thirst for understanding the intricacies of swimming, I’ve honed my craft by creating a progressive curriculum, to not only teach strokes and techniques but also to comprehend the emotional and cognitive aspects of the learning process.

For me, swimming isn’t just a profession—it’s a way of life. It’s the reason I go to bed thinking about swimming and wake up eager to dive right in. Every lesson, every breakthrough, and every smile are a testament to the profound impact that swimming education can have. With each stroke we teach, we’re shaping futures and instilling a love for the water that will last a lifetime.




Ms. Dee is a full time Broker/Sales Associate with Weichert. While she works behind the scenes, her impact is front and center in every success story that emerges from our program. She understands Ms. Amy’s true life calling, and this understanding has forged a partnership that goes beyond business. Ms. Dee is a guardian of the dream, a protector of the purpose, and a driving force behind our passion. With Ms. Dee by our side, there’s an unbreakable pillar of support and encouragement that continues to fuel our team. 




Ms. Brittany has been teaching swim form 12+ years alongside Ms. Amy.  MS. Brittany goes beyond the mechanics of swimming. Through her years of teaching Ms. Brittany has become a huge advocate for water safety.  Her mission is rooted in cultivating a lasting appreciation for water.  She believes that knowing how to swim goes hand in hand with understanding how to respect and respond to water’s unpredictable nature.  Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, she empowers her students with essential lifesaving skills and equipping them to handle aquatic situations confidently. Safety is not just a lesson, it’s a mindset.  In every class there is an emphasis on the importance of situational awareness. Her aim is to make a positive impact that touches families and communities, ensuring that water remains a source of joy and relaxation for all.



Ms. Anna is on a mission to spread joy through the wonderful world of swimming. With a heart full of passion and a deep love for the water, she is dedicating her life to creating happy swimmers of all ages. Her teaching philosophy goes beyond just strokes and techniques; it’s about building confidence, fostering a love for the water, and watching those smiles grow as her students conquer their fears. Whether you’re a timid beginner or looking to refine your technique, she will guide you every splash of the way. Join her in the pool and dive into a world of laughter, learning, and the pure delight of becoming a confident swimmer. Together, we’ll create a sea of happy faces and a community that celebrates the magic of swimming!



Scheduling Coordinator

Meet our dedicated Scheduling Coordinator, Ashleigh who is not just a master of organization with a background in elementary education, she is also a fervent believer in our mission. With an unwavering commitment to ensuring that our mission is seamlessly translated into action, Ashleigh plays a pivotal role in keeping our operations streamlined and efficient. Her meticulous attention to detail, combined with a deep understanding of our goals, allows her to craft schedules that align perfectly with our program objectives. Beyond her administrative prowess, Ashleigh’s passion for what we stand for fuels her dedication to creating a positive impact everyday. With Ashleigh at the helm of our scheduling, our mission’s heartbeat resonates through every aspect of our work.




Welcome to Ms. Jemila’s aquatic world! By day, she is a dedicated Special Education teacher, helping her students reach their fullest potential. But when the sun sets, you’ll find her embracing her other passion – the water. She is a 3-time Ironman with an unwavering love for swimming. The pool is her sanctuary, where she finds solace and strength. Ms. Jemila believes that the water has transformative powers, and has seen its magic unfold both in her personal journey and in the lives of those she teaches. Combining her teaching expertise with her passion for swimming, she strives to create an inclusive and empowering space for all. 


Whether you’re taking your first strokes or aiming to conquer new aquatic challenges, Ms. Jemila is here to guide you with patience, enthusiasm, and an understanding of individual needs. Join her in the water, where limitations dissolve, and embark on a journey of growth, joy, and endless possibilities.




Dive into the world of aquatic fun with Miss Dez, our dynamic and energetic swim teacher! With a splash of excitement and a pool full of enthusiasm, Miss Dez makes every swim lesson an unforgettable adventure. Her playful and gentle approach to teaching not only imparts essential water skills but also ignites a passion for swimming. With Miss Dez, every stroke becomes a dance, every lesson a voyage of discovery. Join us in embracing the joy of swimming guided by Miss Dez’s lighthearted spirit, where learning to swim is a journey filled with laughter, splashes, and endless smiles!




With a genuine passion for teaching and an infectious enthusiasm for water, Ms. Tabria stands out as more than just an instructor – she’s a mentor, a motivator, and a steadfast companion on your aquatic journey. Her teaching style is infused with positivity, making each lesson a celebration of progress, no matter how small. Every step forward is met with an exuberant cheer, creating an environment where confidence blooms.