Swim Class/Skill Levels

Aqua Babies
4-6 months

Complimentary swim lessons on us! Learn how to teach your baby, along with learning the basics of our parent child class.

Parent Child
6 months - 3 years

Water acclamation, balance, buoyancy and breath control are introduced, submersion, bonding with parent, supported back floats, safely entering and exiting the pool.

Sea Horse

Water acclamation, submersion, breath control, supported back floats and scoops, independent submersion encouraged, kicking on barbell.

Sea Turtle

Independent swimming and back floating, propulsion, breath control, connecting breaths, distance swimming, elementary back stroke is introduced.


Increase endurance and distance, elementary back stroke is refined, kicking on back in proper body alignment is developed. Backstroke, freestyle arms and treading water are introduced in this level.

Sea Star

Refine and strengthen backstroke and freestyle, increase endurance, tight streamlines, proper body position and technique, long axis swimming.

Sea Star A

Continue to refine backstroke and freestyle, introduce breaststroke and butterfly, refine all 4 strokes, turns and transitions.

Swim Team Prep

Refinement of all four strokes, flip turns, open turns, drills to develop stroke technique. This level can be customized toward the swim team you swim for or are trying out for.  


We offer classes for all adults ages 16+.  All levels and abilities are welcome. 


Make ups are offered if you miss a class and require 24 hour notice..  

Private Lesson 1:1

$300 per month

Semi – Private Lesson 2:1

$160 per month

Small Group Lesson

$120 per month